AZ-140 Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Certification

AZ-140 is an examination of subjects related to planning, delivering, and managing virtual desktop experiences. And remote applications for any device on Microsoft Azure. They have enhanced Azure Active Directory support. Azure Active Directory is especially used by businesses all over the world to process user access to sensitive apps and data while maintaining security restrictions.

We are thrilled to inform you that you will soon be eligible to join your Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machines straightforwardly to Azure Active Directory (AAD). Also, you can communicate to the virtual machines with basic qualifications from any device. You’ll also be able to sign up for the virtual machines in Microsoft Endpoint Manager automatically. This will help eliminate the need for a DNS server in certain scenarios, lowering costs and streamlining your implementation.

While this is a significant achievement, it is only the start of the journey toward complete implementation with Azure Active Directory. We will keep adding unique innovations such as assistance for single sign-on, extra professional certification types like FIDO2, and Azure Files for the public cloud.

Responsibilities of the Microsoft Azure Candidate

The major role of this subject is to deploy virtual desktop experiences and applications on Azure. The professionals of this field deliver applications on Azure virtual desktops and optimize them to run in multi-session virtual environments. The professional help with their experience to work closely with the Azure administrators and architects along with Microsoft 365 administrators. The professionals have experience in Azure technologies. Which includes networking, virtualization, storage and identity, resilience, disaster recovery, and backups. This certification should make the candidates understand on-premises about virtual desktop infrastructure technologies. As they can relate to migrating to Azure Virtual desktop.

These professionals use the azure portal and resource manager templates to accomplish many tasks. This role may have to use PowerShell and Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) for more effective results. Azure virtual desktop architects plan to create a better infrastructure with manageable access and security. It could use to manage user environments and applications for the solution of complex issues related to the virtual desktop. Lastly, it is used to monitor and maintain the virtual Desktop infrastructure.

Revenue from Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Revenue from the Azure Virtual desktop has gone up as the covid-19’s pandemic has begun. People all over the world are working from their homes so they need to upgrade their software and desktops. There is also some link between the two pricing plans that you should be aware of. If you get a 40% price break on a one-year RI on a specific virtual machine. Then, that machine must be turned on with more than 60% of the time for RI to be lower in price than PAYG.

For example, if the virtual machine’s PAYG price is £100 per month and it is 50% of the time, the price is £50. The cost would be £60 if you used the RI pricing option. You can combine PAYG and RI pricing. So, if you always wanted to leave two-session servers on and turn the others on and off, you could have used RI pricing for two and PAYG for the rest.

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