SAP Certification – How to Get Your SAP Certification in 4 Steps

SAP is a very well-known software company. It was founded in 1972 and is a German multinational enterprise software company that makes software and computer programs for customer relationship management. Also for supply chain management, business intelligence, and many more. SAP is responsible for the technologies which are used by a majority of the companies and are used across industries. Industries such as banking, transportation, energy, telecom, retail, travel, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and many more. The SAP Certified Professional certification is one of the most prestigious certifications available.

Know Why SAP Certification Worth It?

The SAP Certification Exam is a test. SAP is a leading provider of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It is both pricey and dependable when it comes to business management. Let’s start by doing some math. 25,000 ECDH experts are registered worldwide. 53 million commercial transactions are processed daily. Multiply that by tens of thousands, and you get a lot of money in the course of a few years. Sounds great right? But, it’s not. This is the problem with certification, the sky-high prices, the limited amount of resources, the lack of value. Expert associations often charge these prices. It is because there are not enough teachers and students to generate enough revenue. If you ask me, you should only invest in courses that are linked to a job, and that will help you in the real life. Get your SAP certification, but through a well-known Institution.


How to Get Your SAP Certification in 4 Easy Steps

A first step to get your SAP Certification would be to join the SAP Certified Application Associate (ACA) Program. After this pass the SAP ACH qualification exam. But before joining the program, you need to fill the SAP ACH Application Assignment Form (AAD) and get registered in the designated SAP Customer Care Center. You must fill the AAD, as this form will be used as the important foundation when you sit the SAP ACH exam. If you are a non-American citizen, you may need to find a US-based partner to help you with this. You can find the right SAP partner based on your location, experience, and qualifications. Certification on its own is of no value and is merely a transaction tool, nothing more.

Find Out if you’re Ready For the Certification Exam

Are you reading this post about the SAP certification exam in an SAP web browser? Have you found a step-by-step guide to the SAP Certification exam? Are you considering buying online study materials? Get free SAP Certification Ebook In 7 Steps – Now. Get your personalized QuickGuide to Success. With an amazing free e-book, you will be better prepared for the SAP Certification exam. I am not a certified SAP Professional but I have provided instructions regarding sap and its importance.